64 Channel Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) Readout

The VATA64HDR16.2 is a 64-channel charge sensitive amplifier for SiPM read-out. Each channel features preamplifiers, “slow” shapers, sample/hold, multiplexed analogue readout and calibration facilities. Each channel has a “fast” shaper that gives a trigger signal and a timing unit to record the time difference between triggers in different channels.

Supported by the Galao ROIC Development Kit.

Keywords: Silicon photo multipliers, multi-pixel photon counters

Product Features

DetectorsSiPM, MPPC
ApplicationImaging, Spectroscopy
Number of inputs64
Input charge range-20 pC to 55 pC
Shaping time100 ns (VA), 50 ns (TA)
Nominal capacitive load200 pF
Equivalent Noise Charge (ENC)7490e to 9987e
Trigger thresholdAdjustable
Trigger outputsCommon trigger output and TAC (time-to-analog converter) and global off-chip trigger line
OutputsMultiplexed pulse height
Test and calibrationCalibration circuit and internal reference channel
Power dissipation< 15 mW / channel